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About Us


21 January 1991

Welcome to Divine Happy School

Divine Happy School is a co-educational private English medium school affiliated to Central Board of Secondary Education. The school was founded by eminent educationist, Sri Mathura Kumar in 1990 with a vision to enable students imbibe the sublime elements of our culture and civilization. The school has always laid strong focus on academic and extra-curricular excellence for wholesome development of personality. We lay stress on the rich spiritual heritage which transcends the narrow limits of caste, colour, languages, and creed. We lay emphasis on the practical aspect of morality and discipline. All academic and co-curricular activities are designed to build an overall atmosphere in which students unconsciously imbibe a distinct culture and honoured values that they can cherish throughout their life.
The school enables every student to achieve their own potential, both academically and socially, while developing a strong sense of respect for self and others in a responsible way. We promote practical learning instead of rote learning, so that students are better prepared for the curricular challenges in future. We make all efforts to expose the pupils to a variety of situations and guide them to face the challenges of life. This helps the students develop a will to go through the ups and downs of live in an optimistic and determined manner.

What makes us unique

The uniqueness of any organization is driven by its core values, beliefs, and ways of working. We, at Divine Happy School, are committed to creating a propitious environment where students, teachers and staff are inherently motivated to deliver their best.
Overall, we believe in providing a homely environment where our students and teachers love to come everyday and give in their best. We strive hard to help them feel the school as their second home, and their friends and colleagues their next family.




We lay a strong focus on academics and impart a variety of teaching methods to help students grasp concepts. We decouple academics from rote-learning by using multiple experiential methods, activities, workshops, laboratories, and homework, where learning is essentially positioned as an outcome. The examination evaluation system has also been designed to assess productive learning and to avoid stress on students.

Extra curriculars

We encourage all students to participate in extra-curricular activities for overall development of their personality. This is one of the key differentiators between a school and a coaching institute or tuition centre. Students learn to evolve all facets of their personality and soft skills by participating in activities, sports, games, music, and other interest groups. We also encourage them to participate in state and national level competitions.