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CBSE SAFAL Pilot Examination (2022-23)

CBSE SAFAL Pilot Examination (2022-23)

(For students of Class V and VIII only)

CBSE is working towards recommendations for implementation of National Education Policy (NEP). In our school, the Board is conducting a pilot SAFAL examination for students of class V and VIII. Please note the following points regarding the examination:

  1. This is a Pilot exam to understand the preparedness and provide final recommendations for NEP framework. There will be no marksheet or pass certificate given to students based on this examination.
  2. School will conduct regular Annual Examination separately which will be used to evaluate the students for promotion.
  3. SAFAL exam is an online exam that will be conducted in batches of ~30-35 students at the computer lab in school. Pattern of questions will be MCQ (Multiple choice questions).
  4. SAFAL exam will be conducted in the schools from 8 Feb – 23 Feb. Students will be informed about their exact batch, exam dates and subjects in advance.
  5. CBSE is randomly selecting students and batches. All students may not be required to give the exam because it is only a Pilot exam. Do not worry if your ward has not been selected for one or more exams as it will not be used for any assessment or evaluation of students.
  6. SAFAL exams will be conducted for core subjects.
    • Class 8: Science, Maths, Language (English, Hindi)
    • Class 5: EVS (Science + Social Science combined in single), Maths, Language (English)
    • Syllabus for all subjects and classes will be similar to school syllabus. There is no need for separate preparation for the exam. Only pattern of exam will be MCQ based questions.
  7. Parents are requested not to worry about this new pattern of exam. This is a pilot exam and teachers will be available to assist students on use of computer as required. Please do not worry if your ward has not been selected for one or more subjects of SAFAL exam.

School will continue to hold the regular Annual Examinations tentatively starting from 25 February. Schedule of exams will be provided soon.

 SAFAL examination schedule provided by CBSE is as follows:


Date and Day



8th February 2023 (Wednesday)

Class 8 Science (Medium of paper – English)


9th February 2023 (Thursday)


10th February 2023 (Friday)

Class 8 Mathematics (Medium of paper – English)


13th February 2023 (Monday)


14th February 2023 (Tuesday)

Class 8 Language (English)


15th February 2023 (Wednesday)


16th February 2023 (Thursday)

Class 5 EVS (Medium of paper- English)


17th February 2023 (Friday)


20th February 2023 (Monday)

Class 5 Mathematics (Medium of paper – English)


21st February 2023 (Tuesday)


22nd February 2023  (Wednesday)

Class 5 Language (English)


23rd February 2023  (Thursday)

 In this SAFAL pilot, candidates will be divided into batches (Maximum 3 batches per day). For each grade per subject, 2 days are allocated, so maximum 6 batches can be generated/accommodated.